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  Systematic Investment Program

It's a sharia compliant program which enables the investors to place a standing instruction to transfer a certain pre-determined amount on a monthly basis to subscribe in Aljazira Capital public funds according to the level of risk as defined by the customer. The minimum investment amount is SAR 100 or USD 30 depending on the account's currency.

In addition, Aljazira Capital will add free units to the investor account if there are twelve consecutive subscriptions in the program.

Investors in the Systematic Investment Program will receive many privileges such as:
  • Directly monitoring their investments.
  • Knowing the return on the investments.
  • Modifying, stopping or cancelling the subscription.
  • Querying about all the transactions done on the account
  • Knowing the investment funds' performances and reading their terms and conditions.

To participate in the program :
  • Visit AlJazira Capital's Trading website Tadawulcom,
  • By visiting any Aljazira Capital's investment center.

To view the terms and conditions, information note, funds reports and investment risks please click here

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