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Who Are We?

Aljazira Capital is a Saudi closed joint stock company is a one person Saudi closed joint stock owned by Bank Al Jazira operating under the regulatory supervision of the Capital Market Authority, specialized in securities business and providing the services of dealing, underwriting, managing, arranging, advisory, and custody.

AlJazira Capital is the continuation of a long success story in the Saudi Stock Market. Having been the market leaders for several years, we intend to maintain and defend the same position. AlJazira Capital is expanding its brokerage capabilities to offer further value-added services across MENA and International markets, as well as offering a full suite of securities business.

AlJazira Capital operates under the supervision of a Shariah Supervisory Board and its investment offerings are fully compliant with Islamic Shariah law.


Clear Vision... Toward Innovative Investment Solutions

Our vision is clear in "Aljazira Capital" that strive to be a regional provider, with world-class service, of Shariah compliant investment solutions to individuals and institutional clients.


Valuable Mission... for our Valued Clients

We are committed to provide our clients with a set of investment solutions and services with a unique value and high quality.

We are committed to maintaining these through our qualified employees and with the use of the latest technologies.

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