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  CEO's Message

Dear Customer,

When we established "ALJAZIRA Capital", we never doubted that it will be a leading investment platform for "Bank Aljazira" and a living example of the ability of Saudi companies in the adoption and application of the most advanced global strategies, and the ability to reach high objectives. This new brick building in the Saudi economy will continue to develop with the effort of the people of this country whom we consider as the best investment.

From this perspective, we must thank CMA for their efforts towards the implementation of the highest international standards in the Saudi market, which will have a profound impact on the future of national investment.

We continue to make efforts to achieve the wishes and aspirations of our clients whom we consider as part of our success, and to whom we do not hesitate to provide the best and finest solutions and investment services in order to help them achieve their investment objectives. We also strive to give them a variety of services in wealth management and trading operations according to an elevated investment vision. Our success in serving our clients was accompanied by a strong response in the local banking community.

"ALJAZIRA Capital," has become a leading Saudi company in the development of products compliant with Islamic Sharia through its range of integrated services and investment products that have achieved great success in the past and still achieving till present.

All of this success was due to the hard work, dedication and devotion of a united team with one spirit, and to the well-established relationship and strong partnership we have with our clients.

In conclusion, we are very proud of our great inherited investment, but what motivates us to continue our success is that we foresee a bright future, despite the great challenge & difficulty to preserve the successes and accomplishments. That being said, we have to continue our unrelenting determination to achieve further development and remain strong in the arena of leadership, to serve our loyal customers.


Ziad Aba Al-Khail
CEO-Managing Director

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