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"Tadawulcom”…Trading Easily, Trading with touch!

Through “Tadawulcom” e-service which has been awarded several times, customers perform their transactions in the local & International markets via Internet or phone, wherever and whenever they want.

At "Aljazira Capital" we believe that our distinction and leadership in the provision of electronic trading services are two of the most important factors of investment success our clients enjoy every day.

Local :

In its continuous excellence in providing the best online electronic trading services, AlJazira Capital offers Tadawulcom website, enabling the customer to trade with ease in the local stock market. Among the distinguished services offered by the website, the ease of transferring the stocks and the ability to inquire shares portfolio through the internet or mobile phone to remain in touch with the latest developments of the financial market, enabling them to take proper decisions based on expertise.

Global :

Global "is a unique service, It has become the possibility of buying and selling local and global shares through online is easy and at hand in each of the US markets and UAE, and soon the region's markets and the world. Among the services" Tadawulcom Global " as the following:

  • Friendly used system.
  • Aggressive commission.
  • Distinguished service.
  • Full technical support.
  • High level of security and privacy.
  • The possibility of transfer between accounts.
  • Follow-up of the portfolios performance.
  • Possibility of moving between the markets through a single screen.

We, at "Aljazira Capital", believe that being distinguished in the provision of trading services is one of the most important factors of our success and investment successes of our customers as well. We are keen to be available near our clients through a network of various investment centers throughout the Kingdom, which we will provide with all what it takes to meet the needs of our customers and to assure easy trading, in a privileged environment.

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