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In pursuit of “Aljazira Capital " towards providing all that is possible to help its customers to get access to their investment objectives with ease and flexibility, the research department in the company provides a full range of reports that include the following:

(1) Market Periodic Reports

Issued twice a day, before the opening of markets and post-closure; It analyses the developments in the markets of the region and the world, and it is directed to customers looking for a source of quick and reliable service that keeps them in the circle of the event, with success and interaction.


(2) Companies and Sectors Reports

These are the reports that deal with companies and sectors in-depth analysis, and cover the leading companies in their field and the other most active ones. The primary reports are usually followed by other reports containing the views of our financial analysts of the company or the sector subject to analysis.


(3) Economic Reports

These deal with emerging financial events on both the global and local communities and reflect the economic situation in the region. Our clients are granted a deliberate assessment method of their investment from a scientific and financial perspective.

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