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  Brokerage Services

At AlJazira Capital, we provide our customers distinct brokerage services in multiple markets locally, regionally and internationally, covering the following markets:

  • Saudi Stock Exchange
  • Dubai Financial Market
  • Abu Dhabi Securities Market
  • Egypt Market
  • Kuwait Stock Exchange
  • Muscat Securities Market
  • European Markets
  • US Markets

The interest in this aspect come from our desire to communicate with our clients through a network of investment centers located in various parts of the Kingdom, which include easy trading halls characterized by their privacy and incorporating the latest equipments and screens that provide the client with market information, in addition to the possibility of trading online and by phone with the help of a group of well experienced brokers.


Local Brokerage

"ALJAZIRA Capital" has uniquely succeeded in the provision of stock trading in the Saudi market, through an advanced electronic trading system, according to the latest systems and tools available, where customers can trade stocks by selling or buying in a comfortable and appropriate way in any branch of the company distributed around the Kingdom. All our branches are well-equipped with sophisticated trading halls with large plasma screens, with the possibility of trading independently online or over the phone.


International Brokerage

"Aljazira Capital” company has a prestigious reputation with a regional and global presence, based on a long work experience in several financial markets. International brokerage services provide customers with diversified investment opportunities, and they can expand their trading scope so they can reach the global market easily.

The International brokerage services is managed by a qualified banking cadre who enjoys a long professional experience in the international brokerage and in the global major stock exchange markets such as Nasdaq and New York, through a secure and stable trading providing customers with the latest developments news and activities in global equity markets.


Companies Brokerage

Trading With Islamic Bonds

Islamic Sukuk and bonds are major funding channels used by governments and companies to provide their financial medium and long term needs. As for the investors, it is considered as an investment tool of limited returns and risks. It also provides annual or semi-annual cash flows.

Since the introduction of sukuk trading service, Aljazira Capital was among the first companies which provided an opportunity for its customers to trade in sukuk easily. A qualified team which is part of the company’s brokerage unit takes care of customer service by receiving their orders and inquiries.


Swap Agreements

With its continuous quest in providing best services to its customers, and being a pioneer company in the Saudi brokerage field, Aljazira Capital Company’s brokerage department is offering swap agreement services which aims at providing an investment opportunity to the non-Saudi foreign investor to invest in the Saudi stock market.

The swap agreement is a type of financial derivatives in which two parties agree to exchange the cash flow of specific assets during a specific period of time. The swap agreement aims at transferring economic benefits to the Saudi company’s shares that are included in the Saudi stock exchange. Here, the foreign investor pays the amount of investment to Aljazira Capital which in turn buys the shares specified in the agreement. Then, Aljazira Capital sells the shares upon the request of the investor or at the end of the specified period, and returns the obtained amounts after adding the profit or deducting the loss. One of its advantages is that there is no tax on the capital profit, and a reduced tax on cash distribution.


Islamic Murabaha (Tamam)

In order to meet the aspirations of investors and in line with the development of tools to invest in global markets, the company excelled also in financing trading in stocks through the program (Tamam) applicable at Bank Aljazira since 1997 and approved by the Shariah Board of the Bank and the company. The product has been accepted by the investors because it is distinguished, unprecedented and compliant with the Islamic Shariaa. The program provides financing grant Murabaha margin of up to 200% for local shares and 100% for the international shares from the value of the initial investment (First) of the client.


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