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Aljazira Capital is the leading brokerage house in the region that provides capabilities and access to GCC and Egypt markets via desk and online trading platform (Tadawulcom Global) with live data feed . GCC & EXG team can provide customers with diversified investment opportunities, where customers can expand their trading scope so they reach the respective market conveniently.

Customers have the option of trading under either an Omni-bus structure or fully disclose structure.

GCC and EXG brokerage services are managed by a qualified team of brokers who enjoys a long professional experience in the regional brokerage markets. They ensure to provide a stable trading services, and happily provide customers with the latest developments, news, and activities in regional equity markets.

Al Jazira capital GCC & EXG brokerage can offer the following added services:

  • Competitive trading commissions
  • Instant confirmation via phone call or SMS
  • Cash management
  • Live data feed (price dissemination)

AlJazira Capital covering the following markets:

  • Dubai Financial Market
  • Abu Dhabi Securities Market
  • Kuwait Stock Exchange
  • Muscat Securities Market
  • Egypt Market