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Dear customer, we are honored to serve you through two types of centers across the Kingdom, The full-fledge Investment Centers which provide complete service capabilities and Service Centers which are merely investment front desks located within some of Bank Aljazira branches that will provide basic services (e.g., portfolio opening, application processing, enquiries, statements printing etc.).

Contact Information

Toll-free number: 8001169999

customer care international number: +966126618200


Head Office

Al Riyadh, King Fahd Road
Phone:+966 11 2256000
P.O Box: 20438,Riyadh 11455,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Central Region

King Fahd Road (Male)
Aljazira Capital HQ, Riyadh 12343, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 011-2256000
Fax: 011-2256182
Ocbah Bin Nafee
Al Quds, Riyadh 13214, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 011-2784076
Fax: 011-2780486
9410 Aishah Bint Abi Bakr, AZ Zahrah, Riyadh 12983 3963, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 011-4288716
Fax: 011-4493064
7095 Eastern Ring Branch Rd, AR Rayyan, Riyadh 14213 2808, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 011-2083449 / 011-2083385
Fax: 011-2080166 - Ex 306

Qassim Area

Zamil Abdullah Al Suleim, Ar Rayan, Unayzah 56241, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 016-3634615
Fax: 016-3634615
As Safra, Buraydah 52381, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 016-3835230
Fax: 016-3835204

Eastern Province

Al-Khubar Alhada
6611 King Saud Branch Rd, Al Hada, Al Khobar 34439, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 013-8820040
Fax: 013-8820040
Uhud St, Al Bahar, Al Qatif 32637, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 013-8545370
Fax: 013-8529925
Al Fadhliyah, Al Hofuf 36361, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 013-5861590
Fax: 013-5854092

Western and Southern Region

al musaidiya branch، Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Rd, Al-Hamra'a, Jeddah 23324, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 012-6606020
Fax: 0126606020 - Ex 8887
King Abdulaziz Branch Rd, An Nahdah, King Street, Hira Street Entrance, Jeddah 23523, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 012-6098552 / 012-6098553
Fax: 012-6098560
Madina Monawara
Bir Uthman, Sultana Road, Medina 42331, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 014-8457255
Fax: 014-8451959
Mecca (Male & Female)
Al Aziziyah, Makkah 24243, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 012-5973081
Fax: 012-5571010- EX 600