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In order to meet the aspirations of investors and in line with the development of investment tools in the local and global markets, the Aljazira Capital excelled in leveraging stock trading through Margin Financing programs that are fully compliant with the Islamic Sharia, and approved the Sharia Board of Aljazira Capital.

Islamic Murabaha (Tamam Program)

Offered to customers since 1997, and approved by the Sharia Board of the Company. Tamam Program is widely accepted by the investors as it is distinguished, unprecedented and compliant with the Islamic Sharia. The program provides a margin limit through Murabaha sale and leverage up to 100% of the initial value of customer investment. Tamam is offered in the Saudi, GCC, and international markets. Financing tenure can span up to a twelve-month period, with the flexibility of early settlement or rollover without additional liabilities.

Alqard Alhassan (Intraday Program)

Aljazira Capital also innovated an Intraday Margin program, at no charge, in the form of Sharia Compliant Alqard Alhassan since 2008 and approved by the Sharia Board of the Company. It is considered one of its kind, which fulfills the need of daily traders to leverage their trading limits during the trading session, and to profit out from the free daily margin to maximize gains. Intraday Program can finance traders up to 100% of the value of the initial investment of the client in the Saudi stock market. Customers can benefit from the Intraday limit for a tenure of twelve months period without charge subject to daily settlement of utilized fund during the trading day.