Investment Risk

Investment in the Fund’s assets will be subject to a number of associated risks with investing in financial markets. Note that, the price of investment units, value or income can increase or decrease at any time and the investor may recover less than the amount invested. The income of the security can also be changed and part of the invested capital can be used to pay that income. The loss may not be limited to the amount invested and may result in the payment of more. Furthermore, the change in currency rates can have a negative effect on the value, price or income of the security. The previous performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. In some cases, a special performance fee may apply. Investment in funds is not a deposit with any bank. In addition, it may be difficult for an investor to sell units or convert them into cash immediately. Note that, the fund manager may own an investment center or any related securities. For more information about the risks that may be exposed to the Fund, please read the Fund's Terms and Conditions, Information Note, Summary of Fund Information and Fund Reports. Investing in these securities may be unsuitable for everyone who sees this advertisement. Therefore, the investor should take financial or legal advice from securities specialists and see if this type of securities is suitable for him.

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