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As a local brokerage leader in the Saudi market, Aljazira Capital sets the benchmark for unparalleled stock trading and local share brokerage for new investors in the Saudi market. Our state-of-the-art online trading platform empowers new investors to easily buy and sell stocks and through our high-end investment centers strategically located across the Kingdom. With sophisticated trading halls and large plasma screens, our centers provide a seamless trading experience. Access our local brokerage services independently online, through mobile devices, or by contacting our dedicated trading desk. Partner with Aljazira Capital, experience our easy-to-open investment accounts and comprehensive securities solutions that cater to your financial goals. Make your investment journey convenient and successful with Aljazira Capital, the trusted choice for local share brokerage.


Aljazira Capital has been at the forefront of developing new ways for clients to trade in Sukuk swiftly, effortlessly, and conveniently from the debut of the Sukuk trading service.

Sukuk is a significant funding mechanism utilized by governments and institutions to meet their medium and long-term financial needs since it provides investors with specified returns, low risks, and annual or semi-annual returns.

Tasi Market

Tasi Market

The Saudi Exchange conducts listing and trading in securities for local and international investors. The Exchange is instrumental to achieving the long-term growth plans for the Group and providing market participants with attractive and diversified investment opportunities. Dominant market in the GCC region, and MENA One of the largest stock exchanges among the 67 members of the World Federation of Exchanges 3rd largest stock market among emerging markets 345 listed securities, between all Saudi Exchange platforms.

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Nomu Market


Nomu - Parallel Market

Nomu, which is essentially a parallel equities market with simple listing criteria, was introduced by the Saudi Stock Exchange "Tadawul" in 26 FEB 2017. This indicates that it provides a different platform for startup businesses looking to go public. Only eligible Investors are permitted to invest in this market. Nomu seeks to broaden market depth and diversification by serving as an additional source of funding for issuers seeking capital.

For more information about Nomu - Parallel Market, and the customer qualification process please click here.

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