Public Mutual Funds

At Aljazira Capital, we offer our clients, whether Institutions or individuals, a variety of investment solutions compliant with Sharia

Such solutions contribute to the achievement of the client’s investment objectives, within the belief that diversity in investment is a key element in the investment strategy.

A specialized team devotes its effort and expertise in the local and international markets, investing their potential in the management and follow-up of customer investments and financial markets.

Thus, a group of local and global multi-targeted funds will be waiting for Aljazira Capital clients. We also offer the ability to discretionally manage customer investments through DPM services. Such service is tailor-made to meet and exceed the client’s investment objectives.

Aljazira Capital is persistently seeking to strengthen its Asset Management services and offerings to provide greater options and opportunities to its customers.

Equity Funds 1009X528 (1)

Equity Funds

Equity funds aim to invest in Shariah Compliant listed equities in the target markets.

Money Markets 1009X528

Money Markets

Money Market investment funds aim to invest through low risk, short term, Shariah Compliant money market tools.

Fund Of Funds 1009X528

Fund of Funds

Fund of funds (FOF) aim to reduce the overall risk by diversifying the asset allocation across a number of Sharia-compliant investment funds.

Real Estate 1009X528

Real Estate Funds

A Closed-ended real estate investment fund aims to achieve capital growth on the medium-term by investing mainly in a number of small to medium sized residential projects.

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