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Maximize your potential with our Sharia-compliant Margin Finance Programs

Aljazira Capital has extensive expertise leveraging stock trading through Margin Finance programs, which are entirely Sharia- compliant and approved by Aljazira Capital's Sharia Board

Experience the power of Sharia-compliant Margin Finance with Aljazira Capital, your trusted partner for investment. Our endorsed programs, including Margin Lending program and Alqard Alhassan, offer flexible financing options 100% ( 1 to 1) leverage on initial investments, and will make you maximize your gains in local  market. Open your investment account today to explore our diverse range of offerings. 

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Margin Lending Program

The Margin Lending program is a reputable, well-known program that complies entirely with Islamic Sharia. Through Murabaha sales, the program establishes a margin cap and leverages 100% (1 to 1) of the initial client investment value. Margin Lending program is available in Saudi stock markets. Up to a 12-month term may be covered by the financing, with the option of early settlement or rollover without incurring additional obligations.

Alqard Alhassan (Intraday Program)

Aljazira Capital created the Sharia Compliant Alqard Alhassan, a fee-free intraday margin program, as part of its Margin Finance for Traders division. The company's Sharia Board has given this program its complete approval since its establishment in 2008. The special program satisfies daily traders' demand to take advantage of the free daily margin and leverage their trading limitations during trading sessions in order to maximize gains. The Intraday Program can lend traders 100% (1 to 1) of the amount of their initial Saudi stock market investment. Subject to daily settlement of used funds throughout the trading day, clients may use the intraday limit for a full year without paying a fee.

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