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Trading Cycle and Times In Saudi Market


Notification for the Global Markets Traders


We would like to inform you that Aljazira Capital doesn’t allow trading (buying and selling) in shares with a very small market value (pink sheet/penny stocks), shares on the lists of prohibited trading, and shares that do not comply with the controls issued by the Sharia Committee of the company. 

Customer Update Information


The Capital Market Authority instructions require that clients should update their information with Capital Market Institutions on at least three years, or whenever a material change takes place on your information or upon request by Aljazira Capital (e.g., change in contact, or mailing information.

Traded Priority Rights


Investors Awareness Public Notice


Settlement Cycle ( T + 2 )


Update opening trading hours for Sukuk and Bonds Market


According to the instructions of Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), the opening trading hour of Sukuk and Bonds Market will change from 11:30 am to 10:00 am effective on Sunday, 6/1/2019 and tranding time schedule will be as follow:

The objectives of opening the Saudi stock market for foreign investment


Opening the Saudi Stock Market and allowing qualified foreign financial institutions to invest in it does not focus on attracting capital or liquidity to the market. However, it aims to achieve several objectives on the short and long term as following: