Institutional Brokerage (SWAP & QFI)

Aljazira Capital routinely ranks among the best. Our skills include commission management services in addition to classic, algorithmic, and program trading methodologies

Investors and Aljazira Capital communicate through the trading desk teams. Our sales traders regularly track money, spot trends, assess news, and give our clients high-caliber research to assist them increase their profits. In addition, the institutional trading desk provides DMA access and real-time information to help them refine their execution methods and get the best outcomes. Executions for QFIs, equity funds, insurance firms, and local and international broker introductions are provided by our institutional desk.

Swap Agreements

The brokerage division of Aljazira Capital, a pioneer in the Saudi brokerage industry, offers cutting-edge swap agreement services that give non-Saudi foreign investors looking to engage in the Saudi stock market a chance to do so.

A financial derivative called a swap agreement involves two parties agreeing to trade the cash flow from particular assets over a predetermined time frame. The swap arrangement intends to provide financial advantages to Saudi Arabian company shares listed on the Saudi stock exchange. Here, the foreign investor transfers the amount of investment to Aljazira Capital, which then purchases the stipulated number of shares under the contract. After then, Aljazira Capital sells the shares at the investor's request or at the end of the predetermined time frame and refunds the proceeds after adding any profits or subtracting any losses. The fact that there is no tax on capital gains and a lower tax on cash distributions is one of its benefits.

Foreign Investor Qualification

Aljazira Capital offers qualified foreign investors the opportunity to trade on the Saudi Stock Market (Tadawul). We serve our clients with cutting-edge, hassle-free, and premium brokerage services and products by providing them with all-inclusive investment solutions through: 

  • Dedicated professional brokers.
  • Aljazira Tadawul.
  • ATR (Autx Trade Route).
  • Bloomberg EMSX.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional trading methods to encompass cutting-edge commission management, algorithmic, and program trading approaches. Through our SWAP & QFI platforms, our trading desk teams work closely with investors, offering valuable insights, tracking market trends, and providing high-caliber research to maximize profits. Gain direct market access, real-time information, and refined execution methods through our institutional trading desk. Whether you're a QFI, swap participant, equity fund, insurance firm, or international broker, our institutional desk is equipped to deliver exceptional executions and introductions. Partner with Aljazira Capital for unparalleled institutional brokerage services.