Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)

Aljazira Capital offers its Mergers and Acquisitions advice services throughout all the key economic sectors, demonstrating its strong M&A competence to meet customers' demands

Aljazira Capital is the most active player within M&A domain, whether its public to public or public to private.  We are specialized in insurance, education, health, petrochemical and financial sectors. The professional and knowledgeable M&A consulting team at Aljazira Capital provides the following services:

  • M&A between listed and private entities.
  • Devising strategies and plans to acquire stakes (minority or majority).
  • Conducting valuation of the entities.
  • Exploring various options for the merger.
  • Negotiating the transaction pricing and finalizing the share purchase agreement.
  • Arranging approvals from regulatory bodies.


Choose Aljazira Capital's M&A expertise and trust us for successful transactions.