Securities Services

Simplify and enhance your securities investments 

Our securities services department offers fully fledged core, and value added post-trading solutions for the Saudi markets and beyond. We provide a gateway to domestic, regional and global securities markets through a single entry point.

When it comes to custody services for institutional clients, we have a dedicated relationship management team able to offer the full needed custodial service:

  • Settlement & Clearing of Securities and Cash.
  • Safekeeping of Securities and Associated Cash.
  • Reporting.
  • Asset Servicing.
  • Cash Management.

Unleash the Power with Aljazira Capital's Securities Services. 

Aljazira Capital is an ICM-certified CMI authorized to work in the Saudi market, and it focuses on offering Custody Services to local, regional, and international markets. We guarantee comprehensive custody services, from keeping financial books and records to calculating NAV per unit, and administering unit holders' registers. Count on Aljazira Capital for customized custody solutions that are safe and trustworthy. 


  • Opening required accounts with related exchanges.
  • Safekeeping Records.
  • Assets clearly identified as "Client" assets.
  • Regular reconciliation of Cash & Securities.
  • Trade Settlement.
  • Cash Management.
  • Security Lending & Borrowing (SLB).
  • MIS Reporting.
  • Income & Corporate Actions collection.
  • Notification upon announcement, at ex-date & upon payment or delivery.
  • Proactive management of client instructions.

For Asset Managers looking for assistance with business operations involving their assets, we provide fund administration. Aljazira Capital serves as the fund's accountant, maintaining the fund's financial books and records, computing the NAV per unit, reconciling holdings against custodian and broker records, keeping track of unit holders, and providing fund information upon request.