Initial Public Offering - IPO

As Saudi Arabia experiences rapid growth, companies are seeking next level of presentation for their business future

Aljazira Capital brings extensive skills and knowledge in Investment Banking to navigate the Initial Public Offering process. From conducting IPO readiness exercises to structuring the offering, our comprehensive advisory services ensure a seamless IPO journey. Secure the funds you need and shift your business to new heights with Aljazira Capital's expertise in Investment Banking. Trust Aljazira Capital to guide you through the IPO process and maximize your success.

Aljazira Capital’s financial advisory services include:
  • Preparing the companies to be ready for IPO.
  • Managing the entire process of IPO including multiple advisors.
  • Structuring the Offering.
  • Marketing the equity story to potential institutional investors.
  • Advising on Offering documents.
  • Obtaining all regulatory approvals.
  • Underwriting the IPO Offering.
  • Performing the valuation and advice on pricing the Offering.
  • Advising on the distribution and placement of the Offering.