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We are pleased to introduce one of our innovative services, to support investors open the door for a world of comprehensive financial solutions with Aljazira Capital.

Online Investment Account Opening is a service that was uniquely designed to enable investors to deal with Aljazira Capital no matter which bank they keep their current account with. In addition, we ensured that during the account opening process, clients are enrolled to our renowned Tadawulcom online securities services and trading platform; this will guarantee that electronic services provided to our valued clients are not limited to stock trading in the Saudi Market.

You can open your own investment account through Aljazira Capital’s website. You will need to have an active account with ABSHER, be registered in the National Address, and have your current account IBAN (Bank Aljzira clients can use their current account with the bank, and their investment account will be automatically linked to their current account).

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Through the Online Investment Account Opening service, we avail the following benefits to valued Investors:

  1. An easy, quick, and paperless solution to open your investment account, without the need to physically visit any of Aljzira Capital’s Investment Centers
  2. The investment account will be Opened momentarily, given that the client is already registered in Tadawul (i.e., has an investment account with any of the authorized persons, or took part in any of the IPOs in the Kingdome before), and within a minimal time if he is not.
  3. The service will be available for the client around the clock, however, it worth to mention that the activation of the account will take place only within the business hours of the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)
  4. The client will be able to transfer to and from his investment account with Aljazira Capital through any current account he has with a local bank.
  5. Bank Aljazira’s clients will have their current account linked automatically to their investment account to facilitate cash transfer momentarily between their accounts
  6. The client will be enrolled to Tadawulcom online securities services and trading platform of Aljazira Capital, which will enable clients to access the below services:
    • Execute buy and sell transactions in the Saudi Stock markets (main market and Numu)
    • Subscribe and redeem in any of Aljazira Capital’s mutual funds
    • Subscribe, redeem and monitor his investments in Aljazira Capital’s Systematic Investment Plan Program for investment and increasing monthly Saving
    • Access to Aljazira Capital’s various reports and research through Tadawulcom platform.
    • Access to “Tadawulaty” Platform provided by the Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadwul”
    • Subscribe in any active IPOs offered through Bank Aljazira or Aljazira Capital
    • Opening additional investment accounts for the various markets offered by Aljazira Capital.
    • Technical analysis powered by TradingView
    • Company fundamental details powered by TradingView
    • Advanced charts powered by TradingView
  1. The client must be 18 years of age (Hijri Calendar) or more
  2. The client must have a valid national ID, or Iqama
  3. The client must have an active account in ABSHER service, and knows his ABSHER credentials at the time of applying for the investment account opening
  4. The client must be registered in the National Address, and has the national address details at the time of investment account opening
  5. The client must have a current account, of which he is the accountholder, in any local bank. The client must provide us with the IBAN number of this account at the time investment account opening

Kindly note that clients who need a guardian or a personal reference can’t open the investment account online.

  1. Enter the page of investment account opening in Aljazira Capital’s website.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the service terms, then select your ID type, and enter the ID number
  3. Click “Next”, then you will be routed to the National IAM Platform. You will need to enter your ABSHER credentials to receive an OTP on your mobile registered in ABSHER
  4. Once you login to IAM platform, you will be redirected to the Know Your Customer form, which will show your information retrieved from ABSHER. You will need to complete other mandatory information in the form (including your IBAN with your local bank, National Address details, and mobile number you wish to use in transacting with Aljazira Capital)
  5. As you complete filling the account opening form, you will be requested to enter a user name to create your Tadawulcom online trading platform’s login account (please make sure to write down your user name, so that you don’t forget it)
  6. Finally, you will be requested to review entered information, and modify any of them, then you can submit the request to open the investment account. You will receive an OTP on your mobile number registered with Aljazira Capital, please enter it in the OTP field, and click “Submit”
  7. Once your request is submitted, you will be redirected to the confirmation page, which will show the opened account details (if you fulfilled all the requirements), or a confirmation of the receipt of your request for further processing (e.g., you applied outside business hours, your account needs to be established in Tadawul, etc.)
  8. Once the account is opened, you will be receiving a confirmation SMS and email on your mobile and email address registered with Aljazira Capital.
  9. Furthermore, you will be receiving an activation message to login to Tadawulcom platform through a one-time passcode.

Despite the fact that the online Investment Account Opening service will be available to the clients to apply around the clock, the time to activate the account varies depending on the time of submitting the request, and customer’s status. Please take note of the below information in this respect:

  1. Applications received during the working hours of the Saudi Tadawul (9:00 am – 4:00 pm):
    • If the customer is already registered with Tadawul (i.e., has an investment account with other APs, or subscribed to an IPO), and met all other requirements of Tadawul and CMA, the investment account will be opened momentarily with Aljazira Capital
    • If the customer is not registered with Tadawul, the investment account with Aljazira Capital will be opened and activated in a minimal time (the time needed to register the client with Tadawul)
    • If the customer has any other issues that prevent the account opening, they will be contacted via email or the customer care center
  2. Applications received off-working hours of Tadawul:
    • The customer will be able to submit the account opening application till the beginning of the next business day
    • The application will then be automatically validated and processed
  3. The account will be opened, and a notification will be sent to the customer’s mobile and email

For more information, please contact our customer care center on 8001169999.

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