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Sukuk are investment securities with periodic returns and lower risk. They are considered as an important financing channel used by governments, companies and institutions to provide liquidity to finance their projects at a relatively low cost. It also protects investors' portfolios by providing them with the ability to diversify their risk by providing Sharia-compliant investment tools with a secure periodic return. The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) has developed an automated market for Sukuk trading in Saudi Arabia in line with the developmental steps and integrated work, in accordance with the decision to reduce the par value of Sukuk issued by the Government from SR 1 million to SR 1,000.

Aljazira Capital Trading Services in Sukuk 

Aljazira Capital is one of the first companies that provide integrated services to customers wishing to trade in Sukuk. It uses one of the most sophisticated trading systems that create a smooth trading experience through integrated operation and direct processing, with unprecedented flexibility, complete confidentiality and complete security for customer information and activities.

Aljazira Capital features for Sukuk Trading:

-Trading and Executing purchase and sale orders in Sukuk and equities via the same portfolio through Aljazira Capital website for trading (Tadawulcom).

-Seeing general data and prices of Sukuk directly online through a single screen that includes all investors' requirements.

-Executing orders via telephone through highly qualified professional staff by calling the Brokerage Center on toll-free number (8002450707).

-Having all details of the owned Sukuk.

-The government pays Zakat and tax income resulting from investing in Sukuk issued locally by the Ministry of Finance in Saudi Riyals, until the maturing date.